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These are the tools I use in my kitchen every day. FYI - clicking through from these links may earn the blog a small commission through programs like Amazon Associates.

Amazon Lodge Cast Iron Skillet.jpg

Cast Iron Skillet

 This cast iron is seasoned with oil for a natural, easy-release finish that improves with use.


Sous Vide Cooker

The Anova precision cooker sous vide circulates water at the exact temperature required for perfectly cooked meals.

Amazon Maldon Sea Salt Flakes.jpg

Sea Salt Flakes

Sea salt flakes have a fresh intensity and clean taste to enhance any dish.

Amazon Immersion Blender.jpg

Immersion Blender

Built to put pureeing power in the palm of your hand. Great for making soups and sauces.

Amazon Red Boat Fish Salt.jpg

Fish Salt

Adds a natural touch of umami to vegetables, meat, fish and poultry to enhance their flavor.

truffle seasoning.jpg

Truffle Seasoning

Toss this with fries or roasted potatoes! It's the perfect balance of sweet and savory.


Carbon Steel Pan

A recent favorite — it's sturdy, lightweight and perfect for searing and sauteeing. 

mirin rice wine.jpg

Mirin Rice Wine

Absolutely perfect for ramen night. It has a great flavor for a really great price.

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