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New Year, New Blog!

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

It's almost 2021 - something we've all been waiting for in hopes that there will be a light at the end of the COVID tunnel. I know it's been a strange emotional rollercoaster for me and my family this year. We started on an incredibly high note with the birth of our daughter, Ellie, on January 25. It was wonderful adding such a precious addition to our family. Her big brother still think she's his baby and is so happy to help out.

Then the reality started to set in early March, as it did I'm sure for everyone else. We sure didn't see a global pandemic coming. It's still a bit surreal.

Despite the newness of a new baby and the uncertainty of the future, we made the best of it. I have to say - my favorite part of it all was actually not something "new" that was started, but the continuation of something: our family dinners.

Being in the kitchen is my form of therapy, so it's something that proved even more useful during the stress of 2020. It's a chance to go from ideation to planning to execution to feedback of a creative idea in one fell swoop of an evening - and more importantly - providing a foundation for stability and security that I hope my kids will look back on with fondness.

I also hope they'll find use, and perhaps a bit of humor, when they grow up and have these recipes along with visions of a cartoon version of their dad. is now live!

So, we started 2020 off great with our baby, went through the rocky middle and decided to end it with a bang by launching this new blog and recipe site! (Special thanks to my wife, Molly - I know you know this would not be happening without your help.)

I'm also on social media.

You can check out my Instagram and Facebook pages @thesouthernfoodude. I'm also putting together a YouTube channel for video tutorials and a Pinterest page for recipe cards and more.

Next time you find yourself in the kitchen wondering what to cook:

  1. Visit and check out my weekly special.

  2. Click on the Recipes tab and browse around for some inspiration.

  3. Post a photo of your delicious creation and tag @thesouthernfooddude for a chance to win a special giveaway.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know a little bit more about my passion for food.



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