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C'est bon

Anyone that's known me for longer than a minute knows I love to cook, and that I love to share my food with friends and family. If I could, I'd have guests over to break bread with us nightly. There's just something so intimate, so rich and organic about sitting around the table in a messy house with the people we love and enjoying a large meal and a [few] bottle[s] of wine. Here we sit, however, at the beginning of 2022 and COVID continues to interfere with our ability to gather, so we decided to try our hand at breaking bread with you virtually.


This site will serve as a mechanism for sharing my passion for a good home-cooked dinner with my friends and family as a next-best-thing to having you over.


Also, being in the kitchen is my form of therapy. It's a chance to go from ideation to planning to execution to feedback of a creative idea in one fell swoop of an evening, admittedly scratching some primordial itch for validation but also - and more importantly - providing a foundation for a stable of traditions that I hope my kids will look back on with fondness and clarity. Maybe it's from being raised in a large Cajun family, but food has always been a centerpiece of experience for me - there are few things I love more than gathering with loved ones and enjoying a great meal together. 

So - take your shoes off, have a look around, and let's eat. 

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